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New pre-orders now available.


Two new pre-orders have been added this weekend. First up, Nanobox Records artist Younity and his debut titled "Rhythm Psychology". This 15 track album is constructed of ethereal environments that are layered, textural, and emotive. Rhythm Psychology is it's own distinct landscape where physical characteristics are carefully blended into a spectrum of aural psychedelia, blurring the lines further between the inorganic machines and the organic creative process through which the music is made.

Our 2nd pre-order is of Orlando, Florida Noise Rock trio The Glorious Rebellion. The Orange Amplifier endorsee Billy Myers III leads us into sonic territory previously inhabited by Jesus Lizard, Unsane, and Helmet making his own mark in this genre with TGR on this debut 7" single. The pre-order provides immediate digital downloads of the tracks "My Resume is a Suicide Note" and "Thanks to AA, I am the DD" with the vinyl shipping out on/or near July 29, 2014. Give a listen and make a purchase here.



Magnetic Eye Records signs The Glorious Rebellion and The Phuss.


We are thrilled to announce that we have signed Orlando, FL aggro-noise-rock newcomers The Glorious Rebellion to a multi-release deal. We are starting off with a self titled 7" due this August. TGR is a newly formed trio of veteran musicians lead by Orange Amplifier endorsee Billy Myers III... as a point of reference on The Glorious Rebellion sound think Unsane, Young Widows, The Jesus Lizard. Welcome to the family TGR.

We have had another new signing - fast, loud, dirty rock and rollers the Phuss straight out of Fort Worth, Texas. The Phuss is a little more seasoned with a few releases behind them at this point and a killer debut titled "On the Prowl" on tap for MEROn the Prowl will be available digital/cd/vinyl later this Summer and we can let you know that the gatefold art is being done by artist David Paul Seymour. David is quickly making a strong name for himself within the music scene as THE artist for some of the best works and designs. David has done work for the Sword, Red Fang, Download Festival, BUZZOV•EN, Agnostic Front, etc.

Finally, we should make quick mention that we are redesigning our site. One thing you learn as a label is you have to stay on top of getting all the old clutter out of the way and keeping space available for the now and things to come. 


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