Skeletons in the Piano

Skeletons in the Piano was created by Elijah Hargrave on guitar and vocals, and Eric Donovan on the drums in 2007.  In  2008, after many different musicians came and left, Jeff Ayers on electric violin and keyboards and Dustin Alexander on bass and vocals joined the band permanently. In June of 2011, Brad Thibodeau became the second guitarist.

Influenced by old world music, blues, and rock and roll, their sound is dirty haunted rock.  Their fans are growing and are highly devoted, starting to incorporate their own creativity, with live art created and raffled off at shows, grainy silent movies being played and belly dancers joining the band onstage.  Skeletons has filled The Putnam Den to over 400 capacity multiple times in their hometown of Saratoga Springs, but have also traveled up and down the east coast. They have played places like the Big Easy in Maine, to The Knitting Factory in NYC, to Cafe Da Vinci Bar in Florida opening up for national acts such as Phantogram, Dax Riggs, The Sword, Fishbone, The Black Angels, Paleface, Black Taxi, Primer 55, The Wombats, and Paranoid Social Club. Skeletons in the Piano is a force that has been playing often, skillfully and delivering their sound, flawlessly for a few years. 

The fans are rabid, and their shows are naturally captivating as Skeletons in the Piano have created a movement that will continuously haunt you.  The band aims to be a touring band and to be playing all over the world by 2013. The band employs two trained belly dancers, and have volunteers that create art live during sets, and will soon be incorporating female backup vocals. Stranger on a Damned Staircase was recorded and released in 2010 with the help of legendary hardcore and punk producer Don Fury.  In 2011, for the release of the new EP, "Long Pig", Skeletons in the Piano held a charity event with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting The St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  Skeletons in the Piano was named the Best Rock Band in the Capital Region by the Metroland Magazine Reader's Poll, and picked by the editors as the Best Alt-Rock Band in the Capital Region.  “The whole band toes this line of blues/rock and terrifying madness - to create a musical experience you never had before.” 


Viruses is a Chicago / New York based band consisting of Jeffrey Smith, M. Vitali and Rocco DiDonna. An eclectic mix of electronic, rock, and pop songwriting mixed with improvisation bordering everywhere from electropop to sound art to noise to plain kickass rock. "Popdust" is a 40 minute ride that is as diverse as they come.

Origami Horses

With an idea to take music back to the garage to be battered to death with hammers & spoons , Origami Horses were conceived in a flurry of hi amped guitars , stone aged drums and loose feedback . Signing to Magnetic Eye Records a toe – in – the – water single ‘Velvet Rock’ was released to good reviews and some excellent media coverage , especially in their native U.K . With the release of their debut album ‘Trashola!’ in September 2013 Origami Horses aim to expand their horizons outward and upward . Originally formed as a flexible 2 – piece , Origami Horses have recently expanded to a 3 piece to help facilitate their growing live presence.



Landerim is named after a word made up by Robert Wyatt on his 1974 album ROCK BOTTOM and was started by Larry DeMellier (drums, keyboards, vocals) with Derek Knott (guitar, bass, keyboards) and John McGuire (keyboards, guitar, atmospherics).  There are also contributions from Jessica Bailiff and Producer/Shimmy-Disc Founder, Kramer.  DeMellier worked as an assistant at various major labels in NYC and, after having no success finding that magical band to A&R, decided to make an album himself with friends who would indulge him - having little experience as a writer or nearly any technique to speak of, this, of course, took many years. 


SUMMONER, formerly Riff Cannon, are a 4 piece stoner rock band from Boston, MA. Conceived in 2007 the band quickly started writing and making name for themselves in the Boston area by drawing on such influences as Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Bloodrock, Hawkwind, Sleep, Torche, Dead Meadow, Pink Floyd, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Thin Lizzy, Om, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Deep Purple, Groundhogs, Cactus, YOB, Witch and Pentagram.

Their first release was a 4 song EP simply titled Riff Cannon. Shortly after the S/T release the band had enough material to record and release their first full length album. Recorded early in 2009 and released later that same year put SUMMONER (at the time Riff Cannon) on the map. They spent the next 2 years playing in various cities throughout the Northeast and focusing on putting together a second full length. In January of 2011 they began recording Phoenix.

Throughout 2011 the band had tossed around the idea of changing their name, but it never really was taken seriously, that is until Phoenix was ready for release. After much deliberation late in 2011, the decision to make the switch to SUMMONER was made final. Since, the band has decided to release Phoenix digitally themselves with a vinyl release coming out in a few weeks on MAGNETIC EYE RECORDS.

Mental Chaos

A clever blend of thoughtful lyrics, catchy hooks, with the essence of traditional and modern hip-hop, jazz, and neo soul sound; this is the core of Dallas, Texas’ emerging artist Mental Chaos and their debut full length album “Addition by Subtraction.”

A musical throw back to the boom bap ear of hip hop, where keeping it simple meant relying on talent, and having something worthy to say, this LP is capable of enticing the tradition, young, and modern hip-hop and soul fans alike in multiple demographics. “Addition by Subtraction” is as pure, hard thumping, and emotional as it gets.

With thick layers of instrumentation, complimented by intelligent vocal and song arrangement, the Mental Chaos full length album is in the “sounds like” category of Gangstarr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, A Tribe Called Quest, Showbiz & AG, De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Roots, and Rass Kass.

Creative in all aspects, this record is tightly arranged and produced by all three members of the group (DJ Rodney, N-Hance, and Kres X) with a musical track contribution also by K-Phlx (Lil 1/2 Dead and The Substitution soundtrack) and engineered by Ty Macklin (producer of Erykah Badu and India Irie).

The album also features vocal contributions from Johnny Croon (Freddie Jackson, Tony Terry, Kipper Jones, Chucki Booker, Usher, and Dave Holister) and Emotion Brown (on tour with Atlantic Records artist Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights).

This is an LP that touches the soul, makes you nod your head, welcomes you into the adulthood of hip-hop, and uplifts the spirit within the listener. This is the LP that is totally contagious, conscious, and the one that has a song that everyone will have to play over and over again. This is the mentality of Dallas’ Mental Chaos.


Originally from Orange County NY, a lot of C Baird Buchanan's playing is rooted in 90's noise rock, hardcore and experimental rock/jazz. Baird has always had a very visual attachment to sound not just music and this solo project really grew out of that seed: sound sculpture. Mr. Buchanan came to the Albany area about 6 years ago and have been involved with a few local bands such as Purifier and Ophelia. Currently he is also playing guitar in Yoma (formerly Ophelia).


Mexican winter of 2009 saw the beginning of the project with a sessions of jams between xwontx and xValx, they started writing drones and riffs that would reflect the influence of all tose bands that mark their sound and after a few jam sessions xFabriziox joined them by playing drums. They wanted to experiment with new ideas and what begins as a jam becomes into their first piece. The first year of the band passed and their only activities were the writting and recording of their first album: “Invocations on a Storm”, which is a 32 minutes long instrumental Stoner/Drone/Doom/Psychedelic/Rock song, after a few months of the releasing they started playing shows in Morelia and the rumour about the loud and energy of Akûma’s music and show started to spread.

In the summer of 2011 they recorded an Ep, “Twin”, two songs that reflects the hardcore/punk influence of the band and with the introduction of vocals that reveals their Straight-Edge based lifestyle. By the begining of 2012 Akûma had a name in Mexican scene, which they built by playing killer shows, loudness and energy are a constant in Akûma’s performance; and their material, “Invocations on a Storm” and “Twin Ep” made a good impression and the band was signed by the, Albany NY based, Magnetic Eye Records. The band will release their first effort with MER by the mid of 2012 summer, they are writing a new album and giving shows all along their area.

Akûma is a power trio that blends everything between Stoner/Sludge/Drone/Rock/Experimental/Rock/Hardcore/Punk, their live act is one of the most savage demonstration of energy and aural violence. Their sound had a cult amongst everyone who loves loudness, they are one of the jewels of the new mexican scene. Listen their music, if you like the sound then you’ll love them when you catch them live!


Stoner doom heavy hitters Purifier deliver their deep and dark down-tuned debut "Bottom of Empty". For those low of heart and spirit Purifier helps you find your way home. 

Carcinogenic Corpse

Carcinogenic Corpse was an improvisational experimental recording project lasting from fall 2010 until summer 2012. CC released Astronomica I & II, Noise Farm, International Mind Magick, Panspermia & Ars Technotronic. Carcinogenic Corpse's final 4 song EP All Good Things Come to a Beginning is freely available on SoundCloud.


Birthed March 2007 from the ashes of many of the most critically-acclaimed Albany, New York area bands of the past 10 years, Ironweed has earned nationwide recognition on the metal/stoner rock circuit. Recording has been completed on the band's eagerly-anticipated debut, 'Indian Ladder', and the record is set for release sometime late Summer 2008... ...And now, with tour dates in the works for 2008, Ironweed are again poised to wreck the cosmos with their payload. Your beard will grow several inches with one listen (same goes for you ladies). The stuff is munificent, car-crushing and concentrated toward the task at hand – that task being to conquer nations, salt their fields and mock the lamentations of their weak.

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