Akuma "Torres De Silencio" Video

Origami Horses "Trashola" & Jupiter Zeus "On Earth"

Origami Horses's "Trashola" record is now available on standard 160gram vinyl LP. The records are offered in either Deep Purple / Doublemint Half n Half or as a Hot Pink with Royal Blue, Halloween Orange and Beer Heavy Splatter LP. 


We are also pleased to announce the start of our Jupiter Zeus "On Earth" Pre-Order over on MER's Bandcamp page. Receive 2 tracks today and the entire record on the release day, Tuesday, March 11, 2014. This record is a real scorcher from the Australian band, go give a listen for yourself.

Akuma "For the Beloved Bones" Gatefold LP PreOrders

Get yourself an Akuma "For the Beloved Bones" Gatefold LP by PreOrdering on our Kickstarter Campaign. Check it out!


Happy New Year!

Well, sorry for all the delays and all the info which has not been communicated in the past few months. We have been so busy that our updates here have been few and far between. First, looking forward to 2014 we need to let you know that there will be releases coming from Jupiter Zeus, Akuma, Origami Horses, Mental Chaos and a few new artists we are signing to the label. 

In addition, we've also signed the brand spanking new Stoner Doom band Aegis. Expect great things from this band as I am 1/5 of the unit and we are really focused on making our debut a must own release. 

Most of you are probably aware of Summoner's recent release "Atlantian". The record has turned out to be amazing both sonically and visually; the vinyl is available in 3 variations, White in Aqua Blue, Oxblood in Silver and finally Grimace Purple in Aqua Blue with Splatter. All the "Atlantian" records are 180-200gram virgin vinyl and were pressed by our friends over at Pirates Press. They are a most own! 

By the way, due to our undying love for all of our customers the Summoner "Atlantian" Purple Grimace / Aqua Blue with Splatter 180gram LP with digital download is on sale starting today for just $12.50. Only at HTTP://FRSTS.COM.

"Atlantian" on BandCamp

A little late with getting this news item up, as Summoner's "Atlantian" was release last Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Here is this epic release from Boston's mighty Summoner.

Summoner "Atlantian" Pre-Order Starts Today!

Summoner "Atlantian" is being released digitally Tuesday, Nov 19 and on 180g virgin vinyl Saturday, Nov 30th. We've just started a pre-order of "Atlantian" from the Magnetic Eye BandCamp page. With your purchase you received downloads of the tracks "Horns of War" and "Under the Crystalline Sky". "Atlantian" was recorded and mixed at Q Division Studios and The Moontower Studio by Chris Johnson and AJ Peters. James Plotkin mastered the record. We are very proud of Chris, AJ, Joe and Scott as they've delivered another epic classic.


Mental Chaos "Respect" Video

Akuma "For the Beloved Bones" and Echoes and Signals "Ouroboros"

Akuma "For the Beloved Bones" and Echoes and Signals "Ouroboros" are both now available for purchase and streaming everywhere. Firsts, Morelia, Mexico's Akuma release a blistering debut for Magnetic Eye Records titled "For the Beloved Bones"

11 tracks of Doom Metal at it's finest, sample and/or purchase the record here

Read Sludgelord's review of "For the Beloved Bones" here

Echoes and Signals "Ouroboros" is released worldwide today on our sub-label Nanobox Records. "Ouroboros" was written during 2012-2013 as a conceptual album; the main idea is the cycling & circlulation in everything, starting from biological processes in our bodies such as homeostasis and cycles in our lives (when we return to the same starting point) ending with the cycles in the universe (such as planets and galaxies motion). Each song describes a different aspect of this concept. This record is a must for fans of instrumental rock, post-metal, post-rock bands such as Russian Circles, Pelican, etc.  

Skeletons in the Piano "The Price Put on You" Official Video

EXPANSION! i.e. new staff! Apologies, & "TRASHOLA!"

Holy crow, we are always struggling to keep up with all aspects of running and growing a record label. Man..... it's not easy! In the next few weeks we are going to be announcing some new staff and giving a heads up to some real positive changes we are implementing here at MER and Nanobox. To date it's mainly been myself and Jeff Smith running MER and NB with some occasional much needed and appreciated help from Charlie Sweeney, Baird Buchanan and a few others like Michael Sturrock, Rob Wade and probably a few friends I'm forgetting - sorry.

So, we really apologize for always being behind, on reviewing new material, updating the website, getting newsletters out etc. We do never slack on fulfilling orders tho. Anyway, real soon we will be implementing improvements and introducing you to a few new staff members including a co-owner of MER and NB. No one can be successful alone. 

Okay, here's info about new music - Origami Horses released their debut "Trashola!" digitally on Sept 9, 2013. The record is AWESOME! You must go purchase and support this band - it's a great listen for fans of Velvet Underground, Modest Mouse, White Stripes, etc. Great songwriting and performance from this Canterbury, UK now 3 piece with styles which could be called garage rock, alternative rock, brit rock, noise rock, ... you get the idea.

Check out Dumb Luck off "Trashola!"


"Trashola!" will be available on vinyl later this year, and in all honestly we are probably looking at December for the LP to drop.

Quick info on other releases; Akuma "For the Beloved Bones" 9/24/2013 digital release, GirlsOnDrugs Washd/ National 7" drops October 2013, Summoner "Atlantian" is being mastered as I type - that record, both the vinyl and digital are scheduled for a November release. Stay tuned! Support music, these great artists and the labels with purchases. Thank you! MER HQ  

"Trashola!" Sept. 9, 2013 Official Release Date - Bandcamp Pre-order Starts Today!

"Trashola!" Official digital release date is Monday, September 9, 2013 however we've made the first 4 tracks downloadable and available now when you pre-order the Origami Horses MER debut now. Check it out! This record rules - a must for fans of Velvet Underground, Slint, Modest Mouse and other alt-rock, garage rock, noise rock bands. We love Origami Horses and their debut TRASHOLA! And we know you will too!

"Trashola" & "Atlantian" Kickstarter Video

Trashola & Atlantian Kickstarer Campaign

One Kickstarter campaign to release two separate vinyl releases for two different bands, Boston's Summoner & UK's Origami Horses.

Owl "The Right Thing" Vinyl & New Video for the track "Destroyer"

Copies of Owl "The Right Thing" are available at FRSTS.COM. Click here to purchase either a limited edition Bone in Bronze or an Ultra Clear LP.


"Phoenix" Deluxe Edition on MER BandCamp Page

Just a reminder that we have Summoner "Phoenix" Deluxe Edition available on the MER Bandcamp Page. Check it out and make a purchase -

Memorial Day Weekend $5 Off Coupon @ FRSTS.COM

Enjoy the holiday weekend and score some new music @ FRSTS.COM.

Enter the promotion coupon code "Memorial Day $5 Off" for $5 off purchases of $9.99 or more during your checkout @ FRSTS. This promotion is valid until Monday, May 27, 2013 11:59 PM EST.

Head over to save off all digital and vinyl purchases, this includes the new Skeletons in the Piano record "Please Don't Die".


Greatdayforup/ Solace Split EP

the classic Greatdayforup/ Solace Split EP is available digitally finally 10 years after it's release. Grab your copy from or from the MER Bandcamp page.

"Please Don't Die" Vinyl!!!!!

Skeletons in the Piano have been on a tear - playing live on WEQX, acoustic set @ Cafe Lena, rocking the Bayou and totally killing it at their release party this past Saturday, May 11th @ Saratoga's PUTNAM DEN with Linear North and Brooklyn's The End Men opening the show. We have seen a lot of shows over the years, I've personally been involved with many great bands, projects and people -- hands down with great confidence we can say that Skeletons in the Piano are on their way to great things.

At MER we've purposely declined to get heavily involved in advertising the label and hounding stations and media to run our stories and promote our bands. Instead we've decidedly opted for a label and artists founded on an organic following and reputation for delivering the goods with integrity and high levels of artistic ability. Skeletons in the Piano embody both and we are thrilled to offer up their debut with the label, "Please Don't Die" on 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 300 copies - 200 Swamp Green/ Sea Blue Color in Color Vinyl LPs & 100 White Vinyl all 180 gram and all MINT!


Available at Bandcamp, FRSTS.COM, iTunes, etc..., etc...

Sample the track "Oh, Rose" and head over to FRSTS or Bandcamp and grab a LP [all LPs come with a download card]

"Please Don't Die" released TODAY!

Skeletons in the Piano "Please Don't Die" standard and deluxe editions have left the nest TODAY! This is true, the Skeletons in the Piano Magnetic Eye Records debut, "Please Don't Die" was released digitally today. And although we don't have the vinyl back from the pressing plant we are excited to offer "Please Don't Die" on 180g virgin vinyl in EITHER a A Side /B Side Swamp Green / Sea Blue configuration OR a White Vinyl [1st pressing limited edition 200 A Side/B Side & 100 White LPs]. The SitP records begin shipping May 11, 2013 and we will set up a pre-order on starting May 1, 2013.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for the vinyl to arrive why not head over to FRSTS.COM & purchase a deluxe edition of "Please Don't Die". The Deluxe Edition is the 8 tracks plus lyric sheets, exclusive jpgs and a somewhat instructional video for Disposable Televisions, Disposable Guns. Purchase your Deluxe Edition copy at FRSTS.COM

The record is heavily influenced by many classic artists, and while Skeletons in the Piano are certainly maintain a very distinct sound we believe fans of Mark Lanegan, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, and Jimi Hendrix will easily fall in love with Skeletons.

Proof that Rock and Roll is not dead!

We are streaming Skeletons in the Piano "The Price Put on You" off PLEASE DON'T DIE...

OWL "The Right Thing" Pre-order Packages Available TODAY!

Alright, MER is joint releasing this massive slab of rock of a record with Overit Records - MER021 / OVE021 OWL "THE RIGHT THING".



Pre-order packages are available now directly from the band at OWL THE BAND

Vinyl is limited edition to 300 copies. Order now, this will sell out!

Akûma ROCKS the 2013 NRML Festival

Akûma killed it at NRML - check them out on facebook @ Akuma

Here's a nice interview they did for REVES TV - ¿Te gusta?

Grab a copy of their 3 song EP "Fearless John" over on our store FRSTS

Skeletons in the Piano teaser clip "Oh, Rose"

Here is a teaser clip for the track "Oh, Rose" from Skeletons in the Piano's upcoming release "Please Don't Die". More details on the release coming soon. In the meantime, ...

Origami Horses & XFM

Origami Horses would like to thank John Kennedy and all at XFM 104.9FM for broadcasting our single “Velvet Rock “ and making it the ‘Hot One” for Feb/March this year . Thanks too to Mark Whitby and all at Dandelion Radio for their continued support .Just fantastic !

Thank You from Mental Chaos!

Mental Chaos want to say thank you to the UK's 103.7 KANE FM, Austin, TX's 88.7 KAZI, and Dallas, TX's KNON for showing lots of love to their new record. We also wanted to give a shout out to Stitch by Stitch's Mytee Thor for his love and support in keeping limited, rare and out of print hip-hop alive and well. Cheers everyone.  


nB Update

from Nanobox HQ:

nanoBOX Records is very excited to introduce Echoes and Signals!! This three piece instrumental band from Russia will blow you away with their own brand of sound that spans from loud and aggressive to mellow and spacey, all done in a unique way that must be heard for yourself. We will be releasing their first EP entitled “Comma” very soon (date tba). Please check out their artist pagehere for more info and also hear what they sound like on their soundcloud page. If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Isis etc. this band is a must hear! We know you are going to love it as much as we do!!

Speaking of awesome, have you checked out Claymation yet?! We hope you have and if so we are sure you aware that time is running low for our kickstarter campaign to bring the new release, Morning Rituals to 180g vinyl for your listening and viewing pleasure! There are 10 days left and we are close to the half way mark, help us make it happen! There are great rewards for backing this and $25 gets you a copy of this album on vinyl, that’s super cheap! If you haven’t heard what Claymation is all about you can do so here. You can also purchase a download of Mourning Rituals at out new store for $6.99!!!! Do it!!!!

Lastly, all of this exciting talk talk of new artists and new releases is a reminder that you should check out our other artists, Crypto Bass and The Right Words (of Confucio). These albums are so good and if you haven’t heard them yet please do. I have heard some new material from TRWofC and it rules! Possibly a new release coming sometime in the near future……..?!!! We hope so, stay tuned!

Viruses, full length debut out Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Viruses "Popdust" is a full length debut featuring vocalist R. DiDonna collaborating with other usual suspects delivering a genre-bending debut for fans of Zach Hill, Head Automatica and the like. MER018 Viruses "Popdust" is due out Tuesday, January 22, 2013. "In the end, as in the beginning, we are all sound".


2013, WHAT!

Mental Chaos "We Don't Die, We Multiply" Available Today

Happy Holiday's Everyone! Here at Magnetic Eye Records we are really excited to offer Dallas, Tx hip hop artists Mental Chaos label debut "We Don't Die, We Multiply" on 180g vinyl...

Skeletons in the Piano - "Please Don't Die" Kickstarter Pre-order Campaign

Purifier "Bottom of Empty" available now on iTunes

Mental Chaos "We Don't Die, We Multiply" on iTunes. TODAY

Expand this news blast for the iTunes widget and to purchase a digital copy of "We Don't Die, We Multiply". We're real proud of the Mental Chaos crew! Their record features a lot of special guests; S'ence, Bruh-N-Law, Chucky Sly, Headkrack, Original Soul, Bob, Banga, Divine, Johnny Croon, Bobby Dee, Kwasar. Grab a digital copy and please support our ongoing Kickstarter Campaign as the vinyl LP will be available in November. It's at Pirates Press being pressed right now!

Summoner tonight @ CMJ, tomorrow Mental Chaos live @ Loft 718 Austin, Tx, &

Summoner tonight @ CMJ, tomorrow Mental Chaos live @ Loft 718 Austin, Tx, & ...

Summoner @ Heavy Planet's CMJ Showcase

Mental Chaos Kickstarter

We've launched our first Kickstarter Campaign with the Mental Chaos boys for their debut "We Don't Die We Multiply due out October 30, 2012 on 180gram LP.

Crypto Bass on NanoBOX & Origami Horses on MER

Running late so super quick- congrats and a warm welcome aboard to Crypto Bass, she's just signed a deal with NanoBOX Records. Magnetic Eye Records just signed "Origami Horses", a couple of amazing lads from Canterbury, Britain...


lots of new info coming soon - some big announcements. In the meantime, just one for you today and that's regarding Dallas Texas Mental Chaos...

NYC People!!!! This Friday!

NanoBox Records debut NB001

Our Chicago based sister label Nanobox Records had their debut release this past Tuesday, August 14, 2012; Terni, Italy's "The Right Words (of Confucio)" self-titled debut full length.

Each Monday

whenever possible we're going to try to make a tradition of updating our SoundCloud spotlight tab each Monday AM & offer up 5 of our best tracks for FREE streaming &/or download. Just to help start your week of right...

The Magnetic Eye Records family keeps on growing

Great things are about to happen! Last night Skeletons in the Piano [SitP] had Magnetic Eye Records staff out to the SitP LAIR where a 2 record deal was signed.

Relics, digital store & nanoBOX

We will be launching our online store and our mobile site and providing information about our new nanoBOX division in August.

Akuma - Fearless John EP on iTunes now!

July 3, 2012 MER012


You'll notice we are undergoing some changes at MER HQ. We are working diligently over the next few weeks to get our store, artist profiles and calendar all in order. Version 2.0 coming August 2012. 

Phoenix (Deluxe Edition) available on Itunes

Summoner - Phoenix is at Pirates Press so it's only a matter of time before we've got this bad boy o


Interview with Yours Truly in It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Summoner (formerly Riff Cannon) & Mental Chaos

just a quick hell yeah to make sure you're aware we've signed both Boston's Summoner & Dallas's Mental Chaos.

We've mentioned that we've signed Akuma, right!

so, Akuma is hard at work somewhere in Mexico slaving away on their debut for Magnetic Eye..

Claymation - The Dolphin Key/ CC IMM/ Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving World. Just a quick notice that MER celebrates it's first year since inception of the idea to start a label today.

Opened for business

Demo Submissions

Good news! We're just getting started at Magnetic Eye Records so, ...

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