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Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow LP is now available thru MER, Love Kiss - Amplexus EP, Carcinogenic Corpse - Noise Farm & Senor Meow & Mr Whiskers present the 12 Meows of Christmas are all available over at Itunes. Please read on for purchasing information and links to buy on Itunes.

purchase Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow 180g Gatefold Vinyl by submitting $20 for USA or $30 for all International orders to Please specify green swirl or blue swirl vinyl along with your mailing address when placing your order on paypal.

purchase Love Kiss - Amplexus EP on Itunes here

purchase Carcinogenic Corpse - Noise Farm on Itunes here

purchase Senor Meow & Mr Whiskers - 12 Meows of Christmas on Itunes here

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