The Magnetic Eye Records family keeps on growing

Great things are about to happen! Last night Skeletons in the Piano [SitP] had Magnetic Eye Records staff out to the SitP LAIR where a 2 record deal was signed.

Founded in 2007 by singer/ guitarist Elijah Hargrave & drummer Eric Donovan, SitP are a band that means business. They've taken their road show from Maine to Florida hitting legendary venues such as NYC's the Knitting Factory and EVERYwhere in between The Big Easy in Maine to Cafe Da Vinci in Fla performing with acts such as Phantogram, Paleface, Dax Riggs, Joe Coffee, The Sword, Paranoid Social Club, et al.

This Old World influenced bLUES/ROCK/NOIR/GYPSY band features Dustin Alexander on bass & backing vocals, Jeff Ayers on violin & keys, Brad Thibodeau on guitar, Elijah Hargrave on vocals & guitar,  Eric Donovan on drums, with Tatianna Morales & Katarra Peterson providing visual/dance/performance/primal incantations helping to assure lifetime loyalty into the SitP movement. This band really is much, much more than music - you'll likely learn this for yourself in time. We wish SitP only the best & we are excited to be working together & making your life just that much more meaningful as a result. Cheers!

As you stay tuned for further info on the SitP vinyl debut scheduled for early 2013 we encourage you to read a few accolades the band has accumulated & feast on a clip from last nights show at Saratoga, New York's Putnam Den Club. 

Skeletons in the Piano - Loose Kites in Harbor [LIVE July 28, 2012] from Michael Vitali on Vimeo.

“#1 Best Local Capital Region Rock Band Metroland Reader’s Poll 2011” Metroland Magazine


“Best Alt-Rock Band Skeletons in the Piano Every performance by Saratoga’s Skeletons in the Piano—who’ve gigged steadily around the region the past year—is more of a happening than just a show, livened up by shimmering onstage belly dancers, grainy silent movie projections and artwork being created in real time. That spirit of vibrant creativity, penchant for ’90s alt, and a swirling blend of dark hippie-hardcore rock, is what sets the Skeletons apart from the rest of the brooding-indie-rock pack. “ - Editor Pick Best of 2011, Metroland (Jul 14, 2011)


“#3 Best Local Capital Region Indie-Rock Band Metroland Reader’s Poll 2011” Metroland Magazine


“Vocally, Elijah Hargrave was everything I expected. His voice was amazing. He captured the deep throaty sound of the late Jim Morrison along with the incredible range and style of Ian Gillian.” Charlie Harrelson – EVO:R Entertainment Online Magazine


““Stranger on a Damned Staircase” by Skeletons in the Piano There’s the old “thinking man’s metal” cliche, and then there’s this Saratoga Springs four-piece’s twisted vision of a second album. The songs go from fist-pumping hard rock one minute, spaced-out keyboard, violin and guitar soundscapes the next, all framed by front-man Elijah Hargrave’s massive vocal presence.” Brian McElhiney – The Daily Gazette Albany NY

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